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Internationale BERUFSBILDUNG des deutschen Handwerks

Good Practice

15.06.2020 - Interview // Chamber of Crafts (HWK) Muenster

Graeducation: Green Technology in Greece’s VET

The Chamber of Crafts Muenster (HWK Muenster) has been running the successful 'Graeducation' vocational education and training project in Greece since 2017. Sabine Heine, Project Manager for Graeducation at HBZ Muenster, reports on the experiences in the project. She explains how the collaboration went, what has been achieved in the project so far and which requirements are necessary for a follow-up project.



Supporting SMEs in Vocational Education and Training

How can small and medium sized enterprises be enabled to engage in work based learning and offer apprenticeship places? The German answers to this question was given by Sophia Grunert during the Eastern Partnership Forum on Work-Based-Learning in Lviv. The forum was organised by the European Training Foundation. Mrs. Grunert presented how the skilled crafts [...]

Skilled Crafts presenting their international VET support activity

Skilled Crafts presenting their international VET support activity As part of the SCIVET project the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts held a conference on 21 September 2018 in order to present to the international VET community the range of VET support that sector members are delivering to partners outside Germany. On the occasion of this [...]

SCIVET-Conference: “New Tools for German Skilled Crafts’ International VET Cooperation”

The German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) would like to invite you to the conference “New Tools for German Skilled Crafts’ International VET Cooperation”. The event is part of the SCIVET project (Skilled Crafts – International Vocational Education and Training) and will take place on Friday, 21 September 2018 from 11:00 to 14:45 hrs. at […]

Our Services

Portfolio of services offered by the German skilled craft sector for international VET cooperation

The German skilled craft sector has a rich experience in supporting partners abroad running vocational education and training projects. Such projects are funded by the project partner or funds provided under public development schemes. This is necessary, because the German skilled crafts sector has neither the financial means nor the mandate to finance VET activities outside Germany.

German skilled crafts have the following services available to be delivered internationally by members of the sector.

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Find a project partner

Are you searching for an organisation that knows the system of dual vocational education and training and can advice on how to implement elements of it in other countries? Do you need support in setting up a VET institution? Or do you want to create educational programmes for small and medium sized enterprises from the skilled crafts sector?

The SCIVET Co-ordination Unit can help you identify a concrete service provider to support your individual project.

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Learn about Vocational Education and Training in Germany

On this page we summarized some information about VET in the German skilled crafts.

  1. What are skilled crafts?
  2. What is dual vocational education and training?

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