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Your search for a project partner

Are you searching for an organisation that knows the system of dual vocational education and training inside out and can advise you on how to adapt and implement elements of it in other countries? Do you need support in setting up a VET institution? Or do you want to create educational programmes for small and medium sized enterprises in the skilled crafts sector?

For these and other projects the organisations of the German skilled crafts sector are the right partners. Because they perform vital functions in the German dual system. Their extensive experience enables them to expertly advise and support their partners abroad. We offer an overview of the portfolio of services for international VET cooperation. Additional services can be developed upon request.

The German skilled crafts sector has neither the financial means to finance  VET activities outside Germany. International VET activities need to be financed by the partner or public funding agencies.

The SCIVET Co-ordination unit can help you find a project partner in the German skilled crafts sector. Just enter information about what kind of project you would like to conduct in the available spaces below.

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