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Project launch – Fostering vocational examination in Costa Rica

On February 1, 2023, the CoRiCert project for the “Development and testing of models and instruments for examination and certification within the framework of dual vocational training courses in Costa Rica” was launched. The objective is to develop examination and certification models as well as suitable instruments. Moreover, national standards will be defined and tested. The project duration is two years and the project  is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Piloting of the developed models starts in two dual training courses: “Web Development” and “Electrical Engineering”. The team of the “Zentralstelle für die Weiterbildung im
Handwerk e. V.” (ZWH) will be responsible for the latter. For this, the team will prepare and facilitate a series of workshops focusing on planning and implementing vocational examinations and certification. Furthermore, relevant partners will be trained on the vocational examination system in the field of electrical engineering. In concrete terms, this includes the development and implementation of the

  • contents,
  • methods,
  • instruments
  • and tasks,

which are required for a nationwide standardized examination procedure. In addition, the ZWH provides operational support for the implementation of dual initial training in the profession of electrical engineering. ZWH maintains contacts with all stakeholders and assists in attracting companies and trainees to dual vocational education and training. The cooperation partner, the Handwerkskammer Südthüringen (Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Southern Thuringia), is involved in providing advice.

The BMBF funded project CoRiCert arose from a vocational education and training cooperation between Germany and Costa Rica (Ministerio de Educación Pública,MEP), which was established in 2016. The partners “Arbeit und Leben” DGB/VHS Hamburg e. V., University of Osnabrück and “Zentralstelle für die Weiterbildung im Handwerk” e. V. (ZWH) were commissioned in mid-January.

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