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Italian-German cooperation project started

MSE-VET Italy: Participants and goals

The Italian-German cooperation project MSE-VET Italy began on 15 April 2021. On the German side, the inab Ausbildungs- und Beschäftigungsgesellschaft des BfW mbH in Leipzig, the Handwerksbildungszentrum Brackwede, Fachbereich Bau e.V. and the Handwerkskammer Südthüringen are working together on it. However, the identification of the need for the project and the idea for it are the result of the vocational training dialogue between the German Trade Union Confederation and the trade union federations in three Italian regions (Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto). This began back in 2015 as part of the unions4VET project. In addition to the regions mentioned above, the Campania region is now also involved in MSE-VET Italy. The project work focuses on the question: “What structures should be set up to support micro and small enterprises that provide training, especially in Italy?” There is a wide range of experience in this area in the German skilled crafts sector. However, the involved actors from the German skilled crafts sector also hope that the international dialogue will also provide new inspiration for them.

Project presentation at the virtual kick-off conference in May 2021

Lena Weber presents the project MSE-VET Italy. Screenshot: S. Grunert

Kick-Off Workshop

The virtual kick-off workshop took place on 7 May. On this occasion, the project participants got to know each other, discussed the forms of cooperation and came to a common vision of the project goals. All speakers emphasised the importance of vocational training in the future recovery from the consequences of the corona pandemic. Furthermore, there was a great willingness for exchange and mutual learning also among the Italian regions.

A first work package will be a research on the current needs – especially of micro and small enterprises in vocational training. This is particularly important because the results will form the basis of the Italian support model.

The kick-off workshop concluded with the agreement to share and communicate well goals, ways and tools in the coming months.


The MSE-VET Italy project, planned for twelve months, is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the “WiSoVET Directive”. The SCIVET coordination unit and the team of unions4VET had supported the consortium formation as well as the application for funding and are also supporting the implementation of the project.

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