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Expert mission in Vietnam despite the pandemic

Since 17 April, 30 experts from the German-Vietnamese project “Transfer of 22 German dual professions to Vietnam” have been on site. The experts from the Leipzig Chamber of Skilled Crafts and the other project partners under the umbrella of Avestos will spend up to six busy weeks there. The project partners are pursuing two goals with the current assignment: Firstly, the experts will evaluate the state of training at the 45 partner schools of the project, where training is provided in 22 trades according to German standards. If there are any questions, they also provide further advice. Secondly, the experts support the establishment of an examination system. More about the project can be read in our interview with Dr. Schmidt.

Dr. Schmidt explains how the pandemic affects the mission and how the experts deal with it: “First, we had to go into a 14-day quarantine, which of course we did not leave unused. The experts prepared their school visits online with the vocational school teachers as well as visits to the internship companies.”

A German expert is consulting with Vietnamese trainers. Picture: Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Leipzig

The project is still going well and is being vigorously pursued by the Vietnamese government. The first intermediate and final examinations are scheduled for October/November 2021. The examination system must be in place by then. The following steps have been agreed with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Directorate of Vocational Education and Training:

  1. The Directorate of Vocational Education and Training acts as the competent body.
  2. The Directorate appoints a vocational training committee for the pilot project (consisting of representatives of the schools, representatives of the training companies, representatives of ministries/authorities and of HWK zu Leipzig and Avestos).
  3. At its first meeting, the vocational training committee will issue examination regulations, set up the examination boards for the 22 occupations and then appoint the examination board members (teachers from the schools, company representatives, German experts).
  4. Next week, the exam board members will be trained.

This is the third expert mission in the current project phase of the Vietnam project. The second mission in October/November 2020 had already taken place under difficult conditions.

Impressions of the vocational training in Vietnam. Pictures: Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Leipzig

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